Advertising Tips for Home Services Businesses During “Spring Cleaning” Season

04.05.2022 Sara Brasfield5 min

As temperatures warm and daylight stretches into the evening, many homeowners find themselves ready to take up a variety of tasks related to home maintenance and improvement.

Whether local residents are interested in interior spring cleaning, tune-ups for home appliances, freshening up the lawn and garden or starting a major renovation project, your home services business may expect an uptick in demand during these first few months—which means you might be feeling pressure to capitalize on this limited-time revenue opportunity.

Much like retailers around the holiday season, some home services businesses will be looking for a boost in seasonal demand that will carry those companies throughout lulls in demand elsewhere in the calendar year. Whatever your incentive for driving demand for your services, here are a handful of advertising strategies to increase brand awareness, referrals, and conversions.

Target Ads to Research-Related Search Terms

If your home services business caters to projects that typically involve a lot of planning—such as landscaping and home renovation—it makes sense to target consumers through the channels where they’re expected to do most of their research.

Research suggests that 71 percent of all customer journeys start on a search engine. The bigger and more complex the purchase, the more likely those journeys are to either start on a search engine, or to cross paths with online search tools as consumers seek out answers to their questions.

Home services businesses can reach these consumers by targeting ads to search terms aligned with their ad messaging. As online users seek out more information, they will come across premium ad placements promoting a local business that may be able to help.

Geofence Ads to Relevant Locations

Even when consumers conduct a lot of research online, opportunities abound to reach a relevant audience in the real world. Geofenced ad delivery can be a powerful tool to help home services businesses reach a relevant audience based on the related locations they visit.

Landscaping businesses, for example, might consider targeting a filtered audience at local gardening centers or home improvement retailers. Construction and remodeling businesses may target ads to home improvement retailers, as well as showrooms dedicated to interior home finishes.

These geofenced ads not only identify a relevant audience based on personal information and physical location, but they can also reach that target audience when consumers are actively seeking solutions, increasing the odds of engagement with your ads.

Advertise Around Cable TV and Digital Video Programming

From HGTV to videos about decluttering and interior restoration, cable TV and digital video ad inventories can help you place your ads among video content relevant to your business services.

With expanded TV viewing options and improved audience targeting through digital ad solutions, your home services business has more options than ever as you seek out the most cost-effective methods for reaching a relevant audience through these engaging channels.

Offer Free Tutorials and Other Expertise

Increase your exposure and your local authority by sharing some of your wisdom free of charge. Tutorials, DIY demonstrations, insider tips and other types of expert content are a great tool for engaging potential customers and making yourself visible as consumers are seeking out service providers and other information.

A swimming pool installer can offer tips on how to choose the right pool design for your backyard space. Local gardening centers can provide workshops and demonstrations about how to plan a garden, or how to choose native landscaping plants requiring minimal maintenance. This content can be shared on your website, social media channels, YouTube, and elsewhere to maximize its reach and cultivate trust among a local audience.

Use a Multi-Channel Strategy to Create Multiple Touches

Depending on the spring projects each consumer is researching, the consideration phase of this path to conversion can be long and winding—sometimes extending across multiple spring seasons.

From landscaping projects to other home renovations, consumers may go back and forth considering what they want, what they’re willing to spend, and how they might try to get these projects done. Home service businesses can reward themselves by playing the long game with their digital ad strategy, and investing in campaigns across a number of different channels to maximize exposure, connect with consumers multiple times, and keep their business top-of-mind as consumers weigh their options.

When your business relies on high seasonal demand for home services, your ad strategy must be ready to take advantage of this window of opportunity. A digital advertising partner can help you build an advertising strategy that diversifies its messaging—and its campaign channels—to maximize reach and relevance among your target audience.

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