Client Success: Increasing Brand Awareness and Visibility for a Louisiana Non-Profit Community Service

08.04.2023 Sara Brasfield3 min

Non-profit organizations are often forced to operate with limited budgets and resources—especially when it comes to marketing the organization’s brand. But for non-profits that serve individuals and communities in need, this brand awareness and visibility is essential to making sure these services can reach the right individuals.

When one New Orleans non-profit created an alternative emergency help line providing mental health services and resources in the community, part of the challenge of rolling out this new service was spreading the word among New Orleans residents. Thanks to a monetary grant, the organization was able to afford a proper awareness campaign developed in collaboration with a trusted, expert advertising partner.

The Goal

While its 911 alternative was still in development, the New Orleans non-profit wanted to create a marketing strategy that maximized the impact of the service upon its launch, giving the organization and its new service strong momentum to support the short- and long-term success of this initiative.

The organization wanted to plan an awareness campaign targeted to specific demographics in its community. With the newly received grant supporting these efforts, the non-profit was interested in executing multiple different campaigns and strategies to serve several different organizational goals.

The Solution

To meet the non-profits marketing goals of spreading awareness across a targeted audience—and to maximize the ROI of its campaign spending—Cox Media developed a top-of-funnel advertising campaign that leaned heavily on social and streaming advertising, in addition to providing creative production services for this digital video and social content.

Although the client was unfamiliar with how to advertise on streaming services, our team was able to leverage our knowledge about streaming trends and live-streaming marketing tactics to plan a cost-effective campaign targeted to the client’s intended audience. Streaming TV ads were delivered to local audiences across relevant channels including HGTV, TLC, Bravo, FX and Food Network, while social ads were delivered through Facebook and Instagram.

Our video production and creative services ensured that all ad assets were designed specifically for each digital channel. Two types of ad messaging were also created to serve different phases of the campaign, featuring a “coming soon” message prior to the 911 alternative’s launch and then shifting to a “call us today” message once the service was available to the public.

The Results

The client worked with Cox Media on an initial six-month campaign over the first half of 2023, resulting in the following:

  • Strong brand awareness for the new 911 alternative service;
  • The addition of new marketing and advertising services to support this central campaign and other goals of the non-profit:
  • Local media coverage of the 911 alternative service, further increasing its brand visibility in the community.

Based on the impressive initial results of this awareness campaign, the client expanded its relationship with Cox Media to produce new commercial spots promoting the full launch of its service.

Whether you’re a non-profit organization or a local business, creating a great service or brand experience is only part of the recipe for building success. Connecting with your local customers and community members is crucial. Ready to build your own brand awareness in your local market? Contact Cox Media today to see how we can help.

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