Client Success: Increasing Job Applicants for Essential Healthcare Roles

06.17.2021 Sara Brasfield4 min

While healthcare organizations have seen a recent rise in demand for mental health and other healthcare services, the available applicant pool for essential healthcare roles has declined. As a result, many healthcare organizations are struggling to attract quality applicants and fill healthcare roles to fully support their operations.

An understaffed healthcare facility brings several potential risks for patients, including limited healthcare availability. It also places stress on current healthcare professionals and increases the risk of overworking, lower job morale, and increased employee turnover—which can then compound the difficulties in recruiting.

To address its challenges in recruiting for open positions, one healthcare organization approached Cox Media for help in using advertising to enable better recruiting outcomes. Through consultation and collaboration, our advertising experts were able to define goals and implement a solution that helped our healthcare client achieve its goals.

The Goal

To build up its pool of job applicants, our healthcare organization wanted to increase website traffic referrals to its recruitment landing page. Different advertising campaigns were needed to target relevant job-seekers for healthcare positions within their field of expertise, including nurses, clinicians, and emergency screeners.

The client’s intentions were to leverage this increase in traffic and increase the number of job applicants. With more potential candidates to choose from, the client was hopeful it could fill its open positions while ensuring quality among the organization’s new hires.

The Solution

Because of the limited target audience for the client’s recruiting needs, our advertising experts collaborated with the client to identify carefully chosen keywords and contextual ad placements that would be relevant to targeted job-seekers.

Ad campaigns then targeted these keywords through display ads delivered across relevant ad inventories. Through careful keyword targeting, the clients’ ad campaigns were designed to speak specifically to the type of professional sought for each role—while steering clear of other healthcare roles professionals who wouldn’t qualify for the position, and who were thus irrelevant to the company’s recruitment for those specific positions.

The Results

After the ad campaign’s launch and subsequent monitoring of ad campaign performance, Cox Media was pleased to update the client on the following performance results:

  • A total of 456 website clicks from display ads in the first 30 days.
  • An increase in job applications for open positions;
  • An increase in overall website traffic and landing page traffic.

After such strong traffic and application results within the first 30 days of launching the campaign, our healthcare client decided to stick with Cox Media to continue advertising until all of the company’s open positions were filled.

As the ad campaigns progressed, we were able to fine-tune the clients’ keyword targeting strategy to further increase ad relevance and increase the value of these ads. We also took advantage of A/B testing to guide revisions of creative elements of each ad. This combination of optimizations laid the foundation for additional ROI for this and future recruiting campaigns our client may decide to run.

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