Client Success: Increasing Utility Vehicle Sales for a Motorsports Automaker

07.23.2021 Sara Brasfield3 min

Automotive manufacturers and retailers often base their marketing and sales strategies on the inventory available at their business location. So when a popular motorsports company rolled its newest utility vehicle off of the assembly line, the company needed to reallocate its marketing and sales strategies to promote this model to buyers across the country.

The marketing challenge for this company was two-fold: While it needed to target advertising to relevant buyers, the company also needed to build brand awareness for a new utility vehicle among buyers that might not be familiar with the model. The motorsports company turned to Cox Media for help in effectively targeting buyers, pushing inventory, and delivering campaign results that aligned with desired business outcomes.

The Goal

Selling inventory was the motorsports automaker’s primary advertising goal. But to achieve this higher-order goal, several secondary goals also had to be targeted and achieved.

The first of these challenges was building brand awareness for a new utility vehicle that may carry less name recognition and/or purchase interest from potential buyers—especially among buyers who might already be leaning toward a competing utility vehicle. The company’s advertising needed to quickly establish the potential benefits and value of this vehicle, with a goal of encouraging buyers to learn more by contacting the company or visiting its showroom.

The motorsports company also needed to target ad campaigns to relevant buyers who could use the utility vehicle for commercial and/or agricultural purposes on a trail, ranch, or farm. The ability to target this niche audience in a cost-effective manner was integral to generating positive ROI.

The Solution

To reach relevant prospects in their local market, Cox Media’s advertising experts developed and launched a display advertising campaign that targeted its audience through addressable geo-fencing. This targeting method restricted ad impressions to local consumers at addresses where this particular utility vehicle could offer value. Display ad delivery was limited to the following areas:

  • 348 UTV dealers across the nation;
  • 80,000 fenced locations targeting farmers and owners of large land plots;
  • 2,700 geofences drawn around Tractor Supply & Rural Farm King

By cutting out online users that didn’t represent a credible sales opportunity, our motorsports retailer was able to stretch its advertising budget and increase its potential ROI.

The Result

After an initial 60-day advertising campaign, the motorsports automaker reported strong results in driving sales and revenue through its new UTV, including:

  • More than 5,000 in-store foot traffic conversions at motorsports retailers;
  • A 500 percent year-over-year increase in sales;
  • Total sales that equaled 11 percent of its on-ground dealer inventory.

After achieving such impressive results within the first two months of advertising, the motorsports business was eager to continue its campaign with Cox Media, betting that consistent investments into display advertising will continue to drive sales and ROI for its latest utility vehicle.

If you’re facing a new product launch and/or increased pressure to sell off existing inventory, a targeted ad campaign might be the best way to reach your customers and motivate engagement and sales conversions. A digital advertising partner can help you align your advertising strategy with your business priorities. Contact Cox Media today to learn more

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