Health & Wellness Advertising: Tips for the Holiday Season & Beyond

10.13.2022 Sara Brasfield4 min

In the wake of the holiday season’s many indulgences, January is well-known as the season of health and wellness. According to a 2021 survey of U.S. adults, the six most common types of New Year’s resolutions are all focused on improving health and overall well-being.

Whether it’s losing weight, eating better, finding inner peace or other goals aligned with a better quality of life, health and wellness brands understand the impact that New Year’s resolutions can have on their business revenue. Fitness gyms, for example, sign up more than 12 percent of all new members in January.

But while some of those New Year’s resolutions may be spur-of-the-moment commitments, health and wellness companies need to be planning far ahead and developing digital ad campaigns to maximize their selling opportunities. And as you plan for a surge in business driven by New Year’s resolutions, don’t overlook the holiday season itself.

Read on for health and wellness advertising tips to boost your holiday and New Year’s sales performance.

Separate Out Your Holiday and New Year’s Messaging

Holiday shopping behaviors are very different from the consumer decisions driven by New Year’s resolutions. For one, holiday shoppers are typically seeking purchases for friends and family, while post-New Year’s consumers are more likely shopping for themselves.

With different consumer goals and preferences driving this activity, your business needs separate ad campaigns with dedicated messaging for each. Holiday messaging can be built around pampering loved ones or “giving the gift of wellness.”

New Year’s messaging, meanwhile, can attempt to tap new motivations and ambitions of those consumers, offering a resource to help consumers realize the potential they see in themselves.

Incentivize Referrals Through ‘Buy One, Get One’ Promos

Looking for a promotional strategy that can thread the needle of presenting a great holiday gifting option that also benefits the gift buyer? Buy one, get one deals can offer an extra reward while engaging new customers and positioning your business for repeat sales.

Whether you sell products, services or operate a subscription model, a ‘buy one, get one’ promotion can be an attractive sweetener for holiday shoppers persuaded by a kickback they also get to enjoy. If your products or services make a good impression with new referrals, you could find this strategy very effective in growing your customer base.

Position Your Brand as a Holiday De-Stressor

Holiday stress is a serious problem for many consumers. Between the difficulty of planning holiday events, the time and cost involved in purchasing gifts, the inevitable family conflicts and other seasonal challenges, many of your customers may be struggling to manage their stress and maintain their commitment to health and wellness.

This seasonal strife is an opportunity for your business to cultivate even stronger connections with your customer base—and it can also help you draw in new customers seeking relief from their holiday headaches. Whether you’re looking to host a relaxing holiday event, or you simply want to showcase your brand’s offerings as possible remedies to peak holiday stress, messaging that speaks to this pain point can be an effective tool for raising brand awareness.

Don’t be afraid to have fun with this brand positioning, especially if it fits well with your brand’s personality and voice. Humorous social media posts and even holiday-themed products can be lightning rods for seasonal engagement. After all, when holiday stress is running high, is there anything more cathartic than sharing a witty meme, or buying an irreverent T-shirt?

Create Value-Added Holiday Experiences

A little festivity can go a long way. Even if your holiday messaging is largely borrowed from the evergreen ads you run throughout the calendar year, it doesn’t hurt to change out the visual elements and make other small changes to get your brand in the holiday spirit.

The value of this holiday embrace isn’t limited to your ad campaign, either. Holiday decorations in your brick-and-mortar storefront, seasonal inventory and festive packaging on your products can all increase engagement around the holidays.

Consider how your business might also host events or special experiences in line with your customers’ holiday interests: a health food store, for example, could offer cooking demonstrations for healthier versions of holiday guilty pleasures. A yoga studio, meanwhile, could host special themed beginner yoga classes aimed at drawing in new clients with an open invitation to a unique holiday experience.

Optimized advertising campaigns aren’t created overnight. If your business is serious about making the most of the holiday season, advanced planning is key to achieving a strong return on investment.

The sooner you connect with a digital advertising partner, the more time you’ll have to plan an advertising strategy that serves both holiday and New Year’s business goals. Contact us today—we’re here to help.

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