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4 Advertising Ideas to Bring More Business to Your Golf Course This Spring

How your golf course can take advantage of the golf’s recent surge in popularity throughout the country.

2021 Cable Sports Programming Calendar [Resource]

Preview the many sports programming opportunities available to your business in 2021, all in one at-a-glance view.

Three Tips for Building a Nimble Sports Advertising Strategy

With the power of sports advertising, you can reach a highly-engaged audience.

The Return of Live Sports: Tips for Advertising Your Local Business

TV-viewing audiences are hungrier for live sports events than ever before.

Cable Sports Snapshot: What We Know Today

Cox Media’s Cable Sports Snapshot What We Know Today [Updated 8/18] As fans anxiously await the return of live sports, professional, amateur and college sp

How to Reach the Sports Viewer, Even When Live Events are Postponed or Cancelled

Even though the cancellation of sports events brings dramatic changes to the overall sports landscape, it doesn’t mean businesses have no way to reach an engaged sports audience.

Tapping into the Power of Live Sports: How to Reach an Engaged March Madness Audience

Here’s a look at how to reach an engaged March Madness audience through TV and online advertising.

Grow Your Health & Fitness Business’ Membership with This 4-Step Shape-Up Plan

A Multi-Screen Advertising Strategy for Your Local Health & Fitness Business

Get Your Local Business in the Game With Sports Advertising [Interactive]

Sports Advertising Ideas for Local Businesses Click here to access the full interactive experience. Sports advertising is more than Super Bowl commercials

Television and LeBron James: Still Kings of Their Courts

Why TV advertising should still be a star player on your local business’ advertising team

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