Client Success: Increasing Property Sales and Golf Memberships for a Local Home Builder

09.09.2022 Sara Brasfield3 min

Residential properties neighboring golf course developments are popular not only for their proximity to the golf course, but also for the tranquil beauty of the landscape. In recent years, real estate trends across the U.S. have noticed increased demand for golf course-adjacent properties among home buyers of all age groups.

To capitalize on this surge in demand for golf course properties, one local home builder specializing in golf course developments sought out a digital advertising partner that could generate sales of new residential constructions within a planned golf course community.

The Goal

To recoup its investment and turn a profit off of its home constructions, the local home builder’s ultimate goal was to sell as much of its home inventory as possible. Generating sales on this scale would require full-funnel awareness and engagement campaigns giving the golf course development new visibility among potential buyers, while also driving referrals to the developer’s website where interested parties could learn more about the available inventory.

As a secondary goal, the builder also hoped to drive a supplemental increase in golf course memberships, demonstrating the builder’s value to any future golf courses seeking residential builders for neighboring development projects.

The Solution

To achieve the local home builder’s twin goals of selling new constructions and increasing golf memberships, Cox Media’s experts developed a multi-pronged ad campaign utilizing paid search and display advertising to reach these distinct audience segments.

To drive sales of its golf course properties, Cox Media worked with the client to target relevant keywords through an in-market paid search campaign, delivering ads to local consumers who fit the target profile of a potential home buyer. Demographic targeting was used across both paid search and display campaigns to restrict ads to an affluent audience that could afford this premium real estate.

Geo-fenced display campaigns were also used to deliver ads to users touring competitor properties and developments. Social media advertising was used to connect with a custom audience of users who had previously engaged with social content featuring the builder’s golf courses and properties, and retargeting was implemented to re-engage interested users and keep these developments top-of-mind with interested buyers.

Meanwhile, paid search and display ads were targeted to in-market golfers who may be interested in becoming a member of the golf course—even if they demonstrated no interest in buying a home. Through multiple layers of targeting, each phase of this campaign managed to reach a niche audience and maximize the cost-effectiveness of the client’s ad spending.

The Results

At the end of a four-month digital campaign, the local home builder reported the following results:

  • Fifty-four phone call referrals from interested buyers through the paid search campaign;
  • More than 11,000 social engagements with the home builder’s online presence;
  • Strong returns on golf course membership sales.

Most importantly, the builder managed to completely sell out of its development inventory by the end of this campaign, delivering a best-case scenario for its residential home sales.

Even when selling high-priced inventory like real estate, digital advertising can help you single out a niche audience and drive conversions and sales to maximize the return on your investment.

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