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Planning for Google Analytics 4: What Local Businesses Need to Know

Customer journeys aren’t getting any easier to track or understand. Your target audience has no trouble switching their focus between their smartphones, laptops, and TVs. The same is true for content: from cable TV to social media to mobile display ads, consumer attentions are always on the move. Local marketing and advertising campaigns have evolved…

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New Rules, New Viewers: Checking the MLB Viewership Scoreboard

During the long days of summer, I can think of nothing better…

The Professor’s Perspective Episode 4: Potential in Advertising

Advertising potential is traditionally correlated with reach. In this episode of The…

NFL Rewind: A Look Back at Top Plays and Highlights from 2022

Are you ready for some football? Well as we’re getting into summer…

Rentrak and Kantar Partner to Integrate Retail Purchase Data and TV Viewing Information for TV Planning, Targeting and Measurement

Rentrak and Kantar partner to integrate retail purchase data and TV viewing information; programmatic

Turbo Tax Becomes First Programmatic Ad Buyer on ESPN’s SportsCenter

ESPN has sold its first programmatic ad for “SportsCenter”

TV Audience Buying Is Only Half the Story [Breaking News]

Programmatic TV is half audience buying, half technology automation

Ad Buyers Can Target Cox Viewers In 2015 With AudienceXpress [Breaking News]

The sale of TV advertising is about to go a lot more programmatic; Ad buyers can target Cox viewers in 2015 with AudienceXpress

SpotXchange Cooks Up Programmatic TV Initiative [Breaking News]

SpotXchange hires Randy Cooke to the post of vice president of programmatic TV; brings more web-style automation to buying and selling of TV advertising

ESPN Tests the Waters in Automated Ad Sales — News Digest [Breaking News]

ESPN embraces programmatic TV with SportsCenter; ads bought via web

Why Yahoo Might Want to Go Holiday Shopping For Programmatic TV Tech [Breaking News]

Yahoo considers programmatic TV acquisitions

Magna Global Partners With Cox Media, AudienceXpress for Programmatic TV [Breaking News]

Cox Media, Magna Global and AudienceXpress partner for programmatic advertising

Analysis: Obama’s ad team used cable TV to outplay Romney

Cable boosts political advertising for Obama campaign