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Online Video Advertising: 5 Tips to Maximize Your Impact

There’s never been a better time to invest in online video advertising for your small business. Free ad-supported television (FAST) is surging in popularity, while digital streamers are expanding their ad inventories to support cheaper, ad-supported streaming plans. More advertising options means better potential ad value for your business—not to mention greater flexibility in how…

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4 Streaming Trends Shaping the Future of Digital Video Advertising

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The Pulse on Programming: June 2024 Preview

As the summer season approaches, television enthusiasts have much to look forward…

Tap into the Passion of the Summer Games

The Summer Games evoke strong emotions amongst a passionate audience. Savvy companies…

“Sorta You”

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2015 Holiday Marketing Success Made Simple [Video]

The holiday season is one of the best opportunities of the year for local businesses to drive immediate sales and create long-term customers. However, sett

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Your Perfect Holiday Marketing Strategy [Checklist]

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3 Strategies to Score a Touchdown with Your Sports Marketing Strategy

Where does your business rank? [Blog Post]

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Holiday Season Predictions for 2015 [gBook]

In 2014 consumers did their holiday shopping earlier and made their purchases via multiple platforms. What will consumers ask of your business in 2015?  Re

Trends in Advertising; Esports, Live-Streaming, and Video Games

Video Games and the Future of Advertising [Blog Post]