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Online Video Advertising: 5 Tips to Maximize Your Impact

There’s never been a better time to invest in online video advertising for your small business. Free ad-supported television (FAST) is surging in popularity, while digital streamers are expanding their ad inventories to support cheaper, ad-supported streaming plans. More advertising options means better potential ad value for your business—not to mention greater flexibility in how…

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4 Streaming Trends Shaping the Future of Digital Video Advertising

The streaming landscape is growing and evolving quickly. As new video platforms,…

The Pulse on Programming: June 2024 Preview

As the summer season approaches, television enthusiasts have much to look forward…

Tap into the Passion of the Summer Games

The Summer Games evoke strong emotions amongst a passionate audience. Savvy companies…

Ad Buyers Can Target Cox Viewers In 2015 With AudienceXpress [Breaking News]

The sale of TV advertising is about to go a lot more programmatic; Ad buyers can target Cox viewers in 2015 with AudienceXpress

SpotXchange Cooks Up Programmatic TV Initiative [Breaking News]

SpotXchange hires Randy Cooke to the post of vice president of programmatic TV; brings more web-style automation to buying and selling of TV advertising

Why Yahoo Might Want to Go Holiday Shopping For Programmatic TV Tech [Breaking News]

Yahoo considers programmatic TV acquisitions

ESPN Tests the Waters in Automated Ad Sales — News Digest [Breaking News]

ESPN embraces programmatic TV with SportsCenter; ads bought via web

Magna Global Partners With Cox Media, AudienceXpress for Programmatic TV [Breaking News]

Cox Media, Magna Global and AudienceXpress partner for programmatic advertising

Analysis: Obama’s ad team used cable TV to outplay Romney

Cable boosts political advertising for Obama campaign