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No ‘Big Game’, No Problem: Creating High-Impact Ads at a Fraction of the Cost

Instead of trying to place your ad in the Super Bowl™ broadcast, bring some of that Super Bowl™ savvy to your ad strategy – without breaking the bank.

Audience Insights: “Super” Consistent Cable Home to 96% of TV Sports Advertising Opportunities

ESPN’s Monday Night Football averaged nearly 14.2 million viewers, scoring the network’s highest regular-season audience numbers in more than a decade.

What’s New With TVE and Streaming: Top Trends for 2022

Here are some of the top connected TV and streaming trends shaping the year ahead.

Audience Insights: We Need to Recap the Year…Stat!

Our Audience Insights team presents: 2021 by the (media consumption) numbers.

Digital Opportunities for Local Businesses: Key Takeaways From the TAG Media & Entertainment Report

A new industry report from the Technology Association of Georgia details how the industry as a whole has embraced digital transformation.

Audience Insights: TV Measurement Path “Paved With Good Intentions”

With 2022 on the horizon, data and analytics certainly play an increasingly important role in helping advertisers frame up the fragmented video landscape.

Client Success: Increasing Referrals to a Local Attorney Office

A local attorney office wanted to increase referrals, and with the right tactics – and the help of Cox Media’s data-driven advertising insights – it succeeded.

The Pulse on Programming: October 2021 Preview

There are many upcoming programming opportunities for local businesses to consider including in their advertising strategy.

Audience Insights: Taking Part in Olympics is an Advertising Win

The Olympics deliver a unique combination of competition, drama, passion, and patriotism that has an almost universal appeal.

Planning Your Annual Ad Buy: A Small Business Guide to Advertising Success

Annual ad buys are the best way to stabilize your short- and long-term advertising strategy.

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