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Reach new customers with TV and digital advertising in Lafayette, Louisiana. Home to the Acadian communities, Lafayette is rich in art, food and music inspired and influenced by Cajun and Creole cultures. With our passionate sports fan base and a booming tourism industry, Lafayette offers a diverse array of exciting advertising opportunities. Expand your business in this thriving community with support from our Lafayette-based team. We’ll combine your knowledge of your business with our marketing expertise  to create an effective advertising strategy that will help you reach your goals.




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Achieve Your Goals With Local Insights

We live and work here in Lafayette, so we understand the demographics, nuances, cultures and business considerations of our unique communities. This local insight can help you advertise in an  authentic, impactful way, leading to more effective marketing campaigns. It also means we’re able to sit with you, in person, and get to know your business and goals more fully — providing a personal and collaborative approach to our partnership. We’re invested in your success because we want to see our city thrive.

Supporting Our Community

Find Your Customers

You want to reach the people who will make a purchase, come back again and again, and tell everyone they know about your business. We can help you find your audience with sophisticated targeting and a strategic mix of digital and TV advertising.

Maximize Your ROI

Uncover the best advertising strategy to get the most from your marketing budget with our personalized approach. Our process combines in-depth research and planning, influential creative, strategic optimization and transparent reporting.

Success Story 1

Increasing School Enrollment Through Targeted Family Outreach

To protect their enrollment numbers amid increased schooling options for local families, one school district developed a targeted ad campaign in collaboration with Cox Media. The campaign was an unprecedented success, driving hundreds of referrals and generating dozens of enrollments.


Improving Seasonal Recruitment Through Social and Display Advertising

A distribution center partnered with Cox Media to fill 250 seasonal positions in a highly competitive job market. By limiting the advertising radius to 40 miles around the center, we were able to help this organization fill every open position.

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