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Reach new customers with digital and TV advertising in Macon, Georgia. Featuring historic cities, cultural meccas, recreational amenities, military installations, seasonal festivals and a vibrant arts and music scene, our charming community has something for everyone. With the help of our Macon-based team, you can advertise across 23 counties throughout the Middle Georgia region or strategically connect with your audience in specific areas. We’ll combine your knowledge of your business with our trusted marketing expertise to create an effective advertising strategy tailored to your business goals.




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Achieve Your Goals With Local Insights

We live and work here in Macon, so we understand the demographics, nuances, cultures and business considerations of each region. This local insight can help you advertise in an authentic, impactful way, leading to more effective campaigns. It also means we’re available to talk through your goals, in person, to bring a more personalized and collaborative perspective to our partnership. We want to see our community thrive, so we’re invested in your success.

Supporting Our Community

Find Your Customers

You want to reach the people who will make a purchase, come back again and again, and tell everyone they know about your business. We can help you find your audience with sophisticated targeting and a strategic mix of digital and TV advertising.

Maximize Your ROI

Uncover the best advertising strategy to get the most from your marketing budget with our personalized approach. Our process combines in-depth research and planning, influential creative, strategic optimization and transparent reporting.

Strategic Support for Every Business

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Client Success: Increasing Seasonal Engagement and Sales for Georgia Tractor Dealership

With customers located in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Georgia, a local tractor dealership served a large geographic area that presented challenges when advertising the business. With a niche audience of buyers spread across several states in the southeastern U.S., the company was looking for a better way to promote its inventory and services.

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Driving In-Store Foot Traffic and Sales Through a Streaming Video Ad Campaign

Streaming ad inventories continue to grow, expanding the market of opportunities for businesses eager to advertise through digital video—and making it easier than ever to target a niche audience through this highly engaging ad channel. We partnered with a local tire retailer to help them do just that.

Free eBook: Planning Your Annual Ad Buy

Annual ad buys are the best way to stabilize your short- and long-term advertising strategies, locking down valuable inventories that you can use as needed over the course of the year ahead. Sign up for our free Resource Library to download this guide and other valuable resources.

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