The Pulse on Programming: July 2023 Preview

Welcome back to our monthly programming spotlight! We know that, as a local business owner, it’s imperative for you to reach your target audience now more than ever. That is why we have put together a monthly preview highlighting three cable programs that represent exciting advertising opportunities for local businesses. We’ve rounded up information on…

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Client Success: Increasing Seasonal Engagement and Sales for Georgia Tractor Dealership

Client Success

For businesses that serve a niche audience, targeted campaigns are essential to driving advertising and marketing ROI. Without the ability to carefully filter audiences and focus ad delivery on the most relevant consumers, most of these businesses would be unable to afford the inefficiency of advertising across TV, social media, and other digital channels. Fortunately,…

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Audience Insights: The Dynamic Duo of Linear TV & Streaming

Throughout my lifetime, numerous writers, directors, producers, and actors have put their own unique spins on Batman.  Some of the portrayals have been panned, while others have been met with critical acclaim.  Some have been more upbeat, while others have explored the darker sides of this complex character.  Through all the variations, though, the definitive…

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